3 November 2018, Sat. 19:00
from 5.67 EUR
from 5.67 EUR


Freestyle in Chernigiv - photo #1 Фрістайл у Чернігові

About event

Why should you go to a concert of the Freestyle band?

1. To hear your favorite hits at a jubilee concert
2. Congratulate the group and sing together the hits that have grown fond of millions.
3. To enjoy the songs, under which we grew up, our children and grandchildren grow up

The group "Freestyle" - all the best in one concert!

This year the performers of the most popular song of the 90's "Ah, what a woman", the group "Freestyle", celebrate the 30th anniversary! On this occasion artists invite fans to their big concert. The musicians have prepared a special program for their jubilee and are sure that it will not leave anyone indifferent. Of course, the evening will not do without the gold hits of the band, which everyone knows: "Oh, what a woman", "Snowstorm", "It hurts me, it hurts", "Love Boat", "White Blizzard", "Farewell Forever" and many others. All of them will sound in modern reading. In addition to them, the public is waiting for completely new creations.

30 years after the formation of the team, Freestyle members did not squander their former popularity. Nina Kirso, Sergei Kuznetsov, Sergei Ganzha, led by composer and producer Anatoly Rozanov continue to amaze and delight with new songs, clips and concerts. The geography of the tour of the band still covers many countries, among them Germany, Israel, England, USA, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. It is in Ukraine, or rather in Poltava, at its own studio, the whole repertoire of the band is still born.

Give yourself an evening of good music! Enjoy the songs under which we grew up, grow our children and grandchildren, songs that we so love to listen to and sing at the best moments of our lives!

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