Freestyle and Freestyle Kids. Encore!

7 August 2020, Fri. 20:00
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from 8.67 EUR
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About event

The second All-Ukrainian tour and concert tour of the artists of the Production Center by Anatoly Rozanov "Freestyle" began, in which the legendary group "Freestyle" and the young and charismatic "Freestyle Children", already beloved by the Ukrainian audience, take part.

In the joint concert program of the two groups for two and a half hours their best songs are written, written by the composer Anatoly Rozanov to the verses of Sergei Kuznetsov, Tatyana Nazarova, Denis Suprunenko, Igor Blotsky. Highly professional, high-quality "live" sound and bewitching lighting design leave the audience with an unforgettable experience of this holiday. After the previous such tour, the official Internet resources of both groups and their members were filled with rave reviews from fans who were lucky enough to attend concerts.

Today, artists offer their viewers a new program, because during this time a whole series of new songs, real hits, with millions of views on the Internet and thousands of positive comments, such as “Love Me” and “Unloved” Freestyle or Jealous "and" Hug-kiss "of the group" Freestyle Children ". As before, a special place was allotted to the program of our beloved legendary freestyle songs “Oh, what a woman”, “Blizzard”, “God will punish you”, “Guelder-rose blooms”, “Tomorrow” performed by the soloists of the band Sergey Kuznetsov and Nata Nedinaya . All participants of both groups are full of creative forces and are ready for the next meeting with you.

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