Event canceled


28 March 2020, Sat. 17:00
Art Factory Platform Mystery Play Kyiv, st. Magnitogorsk, 1v
from 18.33 EUR
from 18.33 EUR


FUTURISM in Kyiv - photo #1 futurism_art-zavod-platforma-mystery-play_280320201700_522
FUTURISM in Kyiv - photo #2 futurism_art-zavod-platforma-mystery-play_280320201700_527
FUTURISM in Kyiv - photo #3 futurism_art-zavod-platforma-mystery-play_280320201700_331
FUTURISM in Kyiv - photo #4 futurism_art-zavod-platforma-mystery-play_280320201700_332
FUTURISM in Kyiv - photo #5 futurism_art-zavod-platforma-mystery-play_280320201700_505
FUTURISM in Kyiv - photo #6 futurism_art-zavod-platforma-mystery-play_280320201700_66
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About event

Attention! Quest canceled. You can use the ticket for other dates or issue a refund on our website.

Dive into a story that will become a reality!

IMPORTANT! You should have one charged gadget with access to mobile Internet (smartphone, tablet). The number of people in the team is 6 people.

“FUTURISM” is the largest immersive production in Ukraine, which combines show, theater and game. This is a collective image of the future with a story that the participant himself can influence. We create the world in a specially equipped huge location. This is an action with dozens of actors and hundreds of participants, which erases the line between the audience and the artist. Fictional stories carry over into the real world. You are no longer just a spectator, you are a participant, you are the one who can change the future.

The world is divided into three groups of influence: capitalists, scientists and anti-globalists. They all have different views on the future, the role and meaning of man in it. So far, no one has the power to establish complete control. But soon an event will come that will shake the balance. And only one group will write their future!

You will be taken to a secret location as a member of one of the three influential groups of the future. And if your group wins, then the world will develop according to your rules. Spend the evening in the image of a brilliant scientist, an influential capitalist or an anti-globalist rebel. You will not just be a spectator, but you will be able to directly influence what is happening around you.

What awaits you:
Show and Theater - dance and vocal numbers, video projections and special effects.
Dozens of actors - you don’t look at the stage, but you yourself stand on it, because everything that surrounds you is the stage.
Game - your actions and decisions affect the overall finale.
Location - 1500 m² of specially equipped area.
Your character - get access to a secret site, which will contain all the necessary information on the preparation.
Bar - the bar area with real drinks is integrated into the plot of the game, where you can relax and take a breath.

For maximum immersion, we recommend choosing the image of one of the groups in accordance with its dress code and be ready for new acquaintances and adventures 🚀

Guests from 16 years old are allowed to play.
It’s important that you have 1 gadget with Internet access.

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