Hamlet (KHAT)

8 June 2019, Sat. 19:00
Actor`s House Kyiv, vulytsya Yaroslaviv Val, 7
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from 2.12 EUR
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About event

Why go to the play "Hamlet"?

1. To see a very bright story.
2. Enjoy the original director's idea.
3. Immerse yourself in another world and forget about everything for a few hours.

There are many versions of who actually wrote immortal works under the pseudonym of William Shakespeare. One of them - the fact that it was a woman or even a crowned person - became the basis of an unusual solution to the Khat play Hamlet.

So the production is based not only on sonnets and an abbreviated version of Shakespeare’s play, but also on historical facts. Although without the indefatigable creative imagination, too, was not! The performance, on the one hand, tells about hypocrisy. On the other hand, this is a story about how a bright, gifted person, having become a victim of intrigues of politicians, is forced to live not his life under an alien guise. The authors offer their answers to many questions.

How low can a man fall and how high can he rise, fighting the evil within himself? Are there any secrets that you can hide from everyone? Is it possible to deceive the All-Seeing Eye? What is Joy Day? And what will happen to each of us after the end of mortal life? The authors did not forget about the central question - to be or not to be. In the new interpretation, the well-known "Hamlet" has become a play about the perishability of the material world, which is opposed to the immortality of our soul, creativity and the bright and kind that a person can leave behind. Come to see a funny, detective and philosophical performance! Waiting for you!