17 October 2018, Wed. 19:00
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Love - and death, pure soul music - and crimes, kinship ties - and cold secret treason ... Yes, these are passions from Shakespeare. After all, this is the legendary, for all ages, Hamlet.

But, perhaps for the first time - it is SUCH, unusual for spectators and experts, "Hamlet", as it was created on our stage by the most interesting contemporary director Dmitry Bogomazov, for which he received the highest award in the country for the artist - the State Prize of Ukraine , and more recently led the troupe of the National Academic Theater of Ivan Franko in Kiev.

Of course, we must underscore that the main role in our view, which for many years attracts attention of both young people of Odessa and the elders, is played (and at the same time extends in full) by the viewer of viewers throughout the country, the popular actor of numerous contemporary films and TV series Yakov Kucherevsky. Once the great Grigory Kozintsev, who presented an outstanding screen version of Hamlet, called his book about this work "Our Contemporary William Shakespeare."

We are sure that our performance will fully confirm this truth to everyone who visits the auditorium.