Two year warranty

3 September 2020, Thu. 19:00
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Why is it worth going to the performance “Two Year Warranty”?

1. One of the first to see the premiere of the theater.
2. The topics raised in the play are understandable and close to many.
3. The game of talented actors will help to delve deeply into the plot of the production.

The Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater on the left bank presents the performance “Two Year Warranty”. The intriguing title and amazing cast are a guarantee (we will not be afraid of repetitions) of a great evening!

“Two Year Warranty” - a performance by the famous Ukrainian director Tamara Trunova. Critics and the public unanimously speak about the director’s signature style: her work is recognizable due to openness, and each remark of the characters is directed to the hall. So in the new production of “Two Year Warranty”, the director’s goal is not to entertain or read morality, but to help everyone understand their own soul and, perhaps, take a deeper look at the people dear to their hearts.

Tamara Trunova’s creative career was marked by a number of high awards. Among them - “Kiev Pectoral” in the nominations “The best performance for children”, “The best chamber performance”.

The performance is intermission.

We are waiting for you!

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