Garik Krichevsky

26 October 2018, Fri. 19:00
Chernihiv theater of Shevchenko Chernigiv, Myru av, 23
from 8.65 EUR
from 8.65 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to Garik Krichevsky's concert?

1. To hear favorite, simple and honest songs.
2. Once again, surprise pleasant surprises.
3. Together with Garik Krichevsky sing the words of the famous hits "Kievlyanka", "Station", "My number 245" and other hits.

Garik Krichevsky will give a jubilee concert in Chernigiv!

In the program of the evening - the best songs from the repertoire of Garik Krichevsky. Let's sing and dance together. Garik Krichevsky himself writes and performs songs. In his creative piggy bank 9 albums, the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine and the victory at the presentation of the "Chanson" award.

Even in the seventh grade, Garik had a talent for playing guitar and composing songs. And now he is the best singer of Ukraine. Of course, a talented artist is loved and listened to far beyond our country. This is evidenced by the concert geography of Krichevsky.

At every concert of Garik Krichevsky thousands of people are united by love for his songs. Therefore, any meeting with an artist brings only joy and happiness to the public.

Songs of chansonnier are clear to all. Probably because their characters, images are not invented, but taken from our lives. And the melodies scatter sparks, sparking the hearts of admirers of a stunning artist.

See you!