11 June 2019, Tue. 19:00
from 8.33 EUR
from 8.33 EUR


Gaz in Kyiv - photo #1 GAZ у Києві
Gaz in Kyiv - photo #2 GAZ у Києві афіша
Gaz in Kyiv - photo #3 GAZ у Києві квитки
Gaz in Kyiv - photo #4 GAZ у Києві на concert.ua
Gaz in Kyiv - photo #5 GAZ у Києві фото
Gaz in Kyiv - photo #6 GAZ у Києві піти
Gaz in Kyiv - photo #7 GAZ у Києві дивитись

About event

11 chervni in Kiev on the stage of the National Theater im. І. Franka will celebrate the ukrainian premiere of the international opera project GAZ.

Opera-anti-utopias of GAZ - the creation of a great synthetic opera on the rest of the post-dramatic and instrumental theater. Creators get performances of practitioners from the early days of the avant-garde and electronic music in the genre of “composed theater”.

The opera was inspired by the principle of compositional play and creative work by composers and director.

The children of the opera GAZ vibudovuvitsya ustorії about Vibuh on futuristic factories, just played with energy for all industry. The central image of the artistic reality is dissected by the piano - the remote control of the industrial gigant, having just started to live and technogenically in the same system.

Dzherelom natkhnennya opera GAZ є staging “Kaz” of the Ukrainian theater director-avant-garde artist Les Kurbas for the one-time work of Rome’s writer ekspresіonista Georg Kaiser, implemented in 1923 with “Berezil” MO.

Фіанонса підтримка : Culture Bridges / Ukrainian Institute / ARG IV. -Fr. region / Mystetska agency Mantykora / Avstriy cultural forum / Goethe Institute

Take the fate of the stadorna opera director Vіrlyana Tkach, composer Roman Grigorіv and Illya Razumeiko, artist Waldemart Kluzko, mediya-actor Georgy Potopalsky, Austrian choreographer Simon Majur, costume designer Tetyana Sherstükük’s costume artist Tetyana Sherstukiuk Sternystuk Sherstukiuk Sterstuk Systya Mayor, the costume designer Tetyana Sherstuk’s costume Uni , Sergiy Schawa and Nazar Stets.

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