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Concert-Performance "Genius"

20 June 2024, Thu. 18:00-21:00
Bel etage Kyiv, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16A
from 450 ₴
from 450 ₴
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Concert-Performance "Genius" in Kyiv - photo №1 geniusconcert_bel-etage_200620241800_319
Concert-Performance "Genius" in Kyiv - photo №2 geniusconcert_bel-etage_200620241800_648
Concert-Performance "Genius" in Kyiv - photo №3 geniusconcert_bel-etage_200620241800_377
Concert-Performance "Genius" in Kyiv - photo №4 geniusconcert_bel-etage_200620241800_676
Concert-Performance "Genius" in Kyiv - photo №5 geniusconcert_bel-etage_200620241800_527
Concert-Performance "Genius" in Kyiv - photo №6 geniusconcert_bel-etage_200620241800_412
Concert-Performance "Genius" in Kyiv - photo №7 geniusconcert_bel-etage_200620241800_106
Concert-Performance "Genius" in Kyiv - photo №8 geniusconcert_bel-etage_200620241800_345
Concert-Performance "Genius" in Kyiv - photo №9 geniusconcert_bel-etage_200620241800_176

About event

A big vocal and choreographic concert-performance by the creative, talented team "GENIUS".

During the year of active creative, public and charitable activity, show-ballet "GENIUS" actively entered the sphere of Ukrainian stage art and culture.

The concert-performance, in which more than 10 popular Ukrainian artists and media personalities along with more than 20 professional dancers participate, is dedicated to the anniversary of the existence of the creative association "GENIUS".


  • A large and bright show program
  • Performances of popular Ukrainian artists accompanied by show ballet
  • Choreographic performances
  • Surprises and gifts from project sponsors and partners


NATALIYA VALEVSKA - Ukrainian artist, philanthropist, incredible energy. The singer's golden hits, new vision and modern sound will be combined in a great vocal and choreographic potpourri on the Bel Etage stage.

AMADOR LOPEZ - singer, choreographer. A person with a Latin American heart and a Ukrainian soul, a Carnival person, so get ready for fiery dances, because those who don't dance are...

DIMA PROKOPOV is a singer, songwriter and favorite of women, who is rapidly gaining popularity. His cover song "You will be happy" has been in the TOP 20 best videos on YouTube for a year.

POLINA DASHKOVA is a young Ukrainian singer with Transcarpathian roots. Polina Dashkova gained fame thanks to her hits "Kalina Cried", "Handkerchief", "You know, mother".

DISCOMAN is an artist known to a wide audience for his viral tunes. The combination of classic disco with modern elements makes his music universal and attractive to listeners.

YOGEN is an ambitious project in the arena of Ukrainian show business. His track "I'll be the one" united thousands of couples and took its place not only in the Ukrainian top chart, but also in the hearts of lovers.

VIKI ROUZ is a talented performer of dance hits, who gives an incredible atmosphere permeated with emotional openness and musical fire.

VARASH is a hip-hop performer who managed to get into the TOP of Ukrainian music charts in a fairly short period of time.

LIL O is a Ukrainian singer, author and millionaire blogger. Videos with her songs gain millions of views, and her performances and concerts are attended by hundreds of admirers of the artist's work.

RUDNITSKYI is a Ukrainian blogger and young singer, author and performer of famous tik-tok tracks. The popular cover track "Oh there on the mountain" performed together with the talented artist LOMAKA and star hairstylist PURPRUSS will be enjoyed live.

EGOR ANDRYSHIN - star make-up artist and popular make-up blogger Yegor Andryushin, who has won a huge number of followers on social networks, presents his author's tracks exclusively for you.

YEVHEN DUBOVYK - founder of the NGO "GENIUS", star choreographer, stage and show director. The young manager together with his large "GENIUS" team are preparing a spectacular performance for you.


RAYWELL GROUP UKRAINE is the official and only exclusive distributor of RAYWELL, ENVIE, EXTREMO, INVIDIA brands in Ukraine!

HYPE LABS is a bold Ukrainian brand offering innovative solutions.

Ma.Jolie is the brand of Natalia Gerasimenko, a young designer of unique jewelry that is not subject to time and fashion.


The team of creative and talented youth "GENIUS" together with artists of Ukrainian show business work for the development of culture and art of Ukraine, support the national spirit and contribute to the creation of a new cultural and artistic product.

This event is a large creative project and is held for a charitable purpose.

Join the collection of funds, which will be transferred to help orphans and victims of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine.

Each ticket is a donation to the development and support of the future of our country.

See you at an unforgettable event this summer!