25 November 2018, Sun. 17:00
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from 4.55 EUR
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About event

The show features a pop hypnotist, a member of the East European Association of Hypnotherapists and Clinical Psychologists, a member of the American Academy of Magicians and Illusionists IMS Vitaly Oniskov, supported by Hypnostori with the participation of the hypnotherapist doctor Yuri Gerasimenko.

The history of hypnosis is inextricably linked with the history of human development. You can read about hypnosis and suggestion in religious books of all times and peoples. It must be said that as much as humanity exists, so much does hypnosis exist. But the attitude to hypnosis was ambiguous in different periods of the development of society: from mystification and delight to the limitations of use in medical practice. And only pop hypnotists at all times supported the unquenchable interest of the public, demonstrating the amazing capabilities of the human mind.

The show is held in an entertaining and interactive genre, inviting anyone from the audience in the hall to demonstrate the hypnotic phenomena.

Event plan

1. Opening remarks - myths, legends, the history of hypnosis - 15 minutes

2. Invitation to the stage of those who want from among the audience in the hall: hypnotic tests, hypnotic induction, demonstration of hypnotic phenomena - gluing, illusion of weight, cold, heat, amnesia of numbers, own name. The suggestion of smells, tastes. Simple hallucinations, positive: gnomes, various animals, including those speaking, etc. Negative hallucinations are invisible person, role-playing behavior. Duration 60 minutes

3. Conclusion. Answers to questions - 10 minutes