Good morning girls! Subscription

12 June - 28 August 2018 08:00
from 45.45 EUR
from 45.45 EUR

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Summer is a little life. The time when you want to enjoy the warmth and catch every ray of the sun. The time when the day is long, and getting up in the morning is just a pleasure. You never know how it will be. Will be fruitful and positive, or, conversely, gloomy and unfriendly. However, you can help it - because much depends on what and how you will do in the morning. You want your day to succeed, but you felt cheerful and looked at all the hundred? Start your morning right - dedicate it to yourself.

FEDORIV Hub starts a series of Good morning girls! Events that will be held every Tuesday at 8:00. This is an opportunity for you and your girlfriends to start the morning interestingly and recharge with positive energy before the start of the working day.

13 meetings - 13 opportunities to learn something new and useful. 13 speakers who have something to share:
№1 - 05/06/2018 - Margarita Demyanchuk: Health & Sport
№2 - 06/12/2018 - Jan Anokhin: Business on the wedding rings box
№3 - 19/06/2018 - Viroslava Novosilna
№13 - 28/08/2018

Good morning girls! - This is an event for you, an investment in your development, health, career and relationships. This is a gift for your girlfriend, showing respect and caring about her. This is an event for a young and progressive mother. This is a good opportunity for a boy to make a nice girl, to make it clear that he is not indifferent to him.

You can guarantee yourself and your friends a useful schedule for the whole summer and purchase a subscription at once for 13 meetings for 1500 UAH.

Schedule of the event:
8:00 - get acquainted with the cup of latte;
8:20 - we receive a charge of inspiration;
9:40 - do not say goodbye, but say: "goodbye";
10:00 - We charge the positive energy of the relatives.

To arrange for accreditation, interview, article or photo use, please contact PR-partner FEDORIV Hub, SLOVA Tech PR agency.

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Tuesday at 8:00

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