Grigory Leps. Bus tour

10 February 2019, Sun. 19:00
National Palace of Nicolae Sulak Kishinev, A. Pushkin Street, 21
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from 19.70 EUR
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About event

February 10 in the National Palace will speak - Grigory Leps! Gregory Leps - the idol of the national stage. Each song sung by him is a story about the thirst for life, strength, passion.

The voice of Gregory Leps is rich in overtones, and the marginal, “aortic rupture”, dedication during performances is delightful. He can afford any experiment, his performances are invariably full of explosive energy and are accompanied by a full house. None of the compositions is similar to the previous one, unique stage constructions and video installations turn the concert into a phenomenal spectacle, and the unprecedented performing talent of Grigory Leps unites all the components of the show.

“I will go to live in London”, “Blizzard”, “The Best Day” - these and some other compositions of Leps have become almost popular - so often they are played with a guitar at a festive table, in an informal setting, with family, friends, colleagues . We will hear them all in a unique live performance.

Bus tour "Odessa-Chisinau-Odessa"
Registration for the bus tour by phone: (067) -654-06-86.
Landing: Italian Boulevard, 15.