30 November 2018, Fri. 20:00
Karaoke-сlub Zaboy Krivoi Rog, Poshtovy prospect, 25
from 5.45 EUR
from 5.45 EUR


Victor Group in Kryvyi Rig - photo #1 Група Віктор у Кривому Розі
Victor Group in Kryvyi Rig - photo #2 Група Віктор у Кривому Розі афіша
Victor Group in Kryvyi Rig - photo #3 Група Віктор у Кривому Розі квитки

About event

November 30 in the karaoke club "Zaboy" will sound the music of the legend of Russian rock - a group of cinema.

On the stage - the official tribute band "VICTOR". Anyone who piously believes in the words “Choi is alive!” Is sure to be!

The prophet of his generation, Viktor Tsoi led millions. He himself wrote the lyrics and created the music of his capacious and always clear compositions. Legends died in August 1990. The KINO group has broken up, but such an array of creativity, which the immortal author left behind, continued to live in hearts.

One of the most active followers of the famous rock band were members of the tribute band VICTOR. Musicians come from Kyrgyzstan, but the final formation of the group took place in St. Petersburg 20 years ago. Over the years, the composition of the team has changed. But the group has survived, and now gives many concerts in Ukraine, in the Far East.

VICTOR is the best performer of songs of the group KINO today. At the concerts of the collective, each composition is performed in the same recognizable style of the genius Tsoi. And you just have to hear it live. You will feel the atmosphere of the former “homegrown”. Once again you will visit that cramped, cracked kitchen, where the sounds that changed the consciousness of millions sounded to the sounds of a worn out guitar. These were live texts, colorful manifestos, omen songs. They are relevant to this day.

In Tsoi, a strong personality spoke, in music a powerful pulse of life beat. “And I dreamed: love reigns the world, and I dreamed: the dream reigns the world ...”, - in these lines is the whole of Viktor Tsoi.

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