19 October 2018, Fri. 22:00
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR

About event

Why go to the Hack Me Party?

1. TAO Dance Show
2. Polar bear
3. A huge cake and more
4. Rave'era records

Hack me party

Still here? In this case, you can consider it as an invitation to one of the most discussed and intriguing events of this fall! On Friday, October 19, we invite you to become part of the closed party HackMe Party.

This night you will find a completely revolutionary format with new rules. Rule one - no restrictions, just fun. Rule two - bring your friends. Rule three - enjoy in all possible ways.

We offer each of our guests to forget about stupid and senseless prejudices - as soon as we cross the threshold of the club, our organizers will meet you with unique welcome drink. Throughout the night, you will be able to enjoy the laser show and the performance of professional PJ-ek, and MC AlexOn and DJ, already beloved by our audience, will provide a unique atmosphere on the dance floor. And we offer the most courageous visitors to take part in one of the alcohol competitions, where you will have the opportunity not only to win free drinks, but also to perpetuate your name in history.

Do you want to keep your identity a secret? We will not mind. For the photo in the mask that you need to publish on Instagram with the hashtags #x_life_events, #x_life_kiev, #x_life_party, you will get a chance to participate in the raffle of free tickets to the following parties But if there is no need to hide - our anonymous promoters are at your service! For photos with them you can also get your free pass.

We will turn your mind and destroy all outdated ideas about what is real madness

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