Hail Satan?

17 April 2020, Fri. 20:00
House of Cinema Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street, 6
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR


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Будь ласка, зверніть увагу

У зв’язку із встановленою Кабінетом міністрів України забороною на проведення масових заходів на всій території країни в період з 12 березня по 3 квітня 2020 року, цю подію скасовано.

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Hail Satan? in Kiev! We look forward to seeing you at 2020-04-17 at 20:00 at the location Cinema House, Kiev.
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1. The most scandalous picture of the Sundance Film Festival
2. Devilishly funny movie
3. This movie has traveled all over the world, now in Ukraine

April 17 in Kiev - Ukrainian premiere of the most scandalous documentary on the program of the last Sundance Film Festival "In the glory of darkness?"
(Hail Satan ?, USA, 2019, 95 min, 18+)
Director: Penny Lane
Forget everything you knew before about Satanists: this movie is not about bloody rituals and infernal spells, but about civil protests in their most fun context. The Church of Satan is fighting not against God or humanism, but against American puritanism, conservatism, and arrogance.
It was founded five years ago by two graduates of Harvard University, nicknamed Malcolm Jarre and Lucien Greaves. At the heart of their ideology are the modern tenets of humanism: personal integrity, compassion for others, freedom of religious belief. In addition, representatives of the Temple of Satan are active in public and even express their political position (yes, they are also against Trump).
The movie is demonstrated with an original soundtrack with Ukrainian subtitles

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