Hamerman Kills viruses in Nikolaev

9 November 2019, Sat. 22:00
Dead Rabbit Mykolaiv, Admiral Makarov Street, 60
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR


About event

Why is it worth going?

1. If you are one of those who are going to "have a point in life ..."
2. Closer to study the phenomenon called the “adequate group of Ukraine”.
3. NOT FOR THE WEAKNESS! Those who are afraid to shorten their pants can come without pants!

“Hamerman Destroys Viruses,” which call themselves “adequate together Ukraine,” work at the intersection of music, concept art and theater. HZV's song material is striking in its diversity: in one concert, they can be accompanied by an alternating string quartet, choir, rock band and the primitive Minusovka.

The group performed at many music and art festivals, created its own rock opera "Pink Bud", which was attended by academic, jazz and rock musicians and singers, among which Alexander Pipu can be distinguished (Attraktor, ex-BP, ex-Borsch ), Daniella Zayushkina (Vivienne Mort) and opera singer Andrei Perebynis. The premiere of “Rosebud” became one of the high-profile events of the GOGOLFEST 2015 festival. In 2016, the group celebrated its 20th anniversary with a concert with the participation of the Chinese choir “Ding Don”. In the same year, the HZV became the curators of the large-scale “Exhibition of Selling Contemporary Art” at GOGOLFEST 2016, where within the framework of one exposition they exhibited works by ukrsuchart scale Anatoly Krivolap and Roman Minin, works of artisans from Andreyevsky Descent and art objects created by the HZV themselves.

In 2018 More HZV was created for its unique stage images, none of which are repeated twice. To create them, octopuses are used as hats, dead rabbits, mausoleum models and other complex engineering structures, water-based paint and putty, diapers and feather pillows, pig eyes and blood, gold dust, soft toys and so on. They understand this in different ways: in Russian public HZV are called “Ukrainian degradants”, rare Orthodox people see foolishness in their speeches, many others see mental and psychosexual deviations of all stripes, art magazines write about “Interdisciplinary cultural phenomenon”.

Composition Vova Pakholyuk, Albert Tsukrenko

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