12 February 2019, Tue. 19:00
Russian theater Odessa, st. Greek, 48
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from 3.03 EUR
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About event

Beautiful, well-groomed, successful and self-sufficient. It would seem that the modern women do not yet have enough? But women's logic is complicated and it is sometimes difficult for a woman to understand a woman even herself.

"Chaos. Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown "- a brilliant light modern comedy that will try to lay out all the nuances of a rebellious female soul. Will it succeed?

On the stage with an amazing scope, three stories of completely different and at the same time strikingly similar women will unfold. A schoolteacher, journalist and psychotherapist performed by Ekaterina Kisten, Vitalina Bibles and Anna Kuzina will share with you the most secret desires

As with each of us, there are reasons for neurosis, it is worthwhile only to look carefully: jealousy, collapsing marriage, unruly children, an unlucky boss. The list can be continued indefinitely. But we, the audience, are not interested in the reasons, but how the heroines will cope with their problems.

"Chaos" is a fascinating blend of the tragedy of human relationships, a life-farce and a contagious comedy. You will receive the most unexpected answers to questions that concern every woman. The play fully deserved its playful title of practical aid "What to do to a woman on the verge of failure", because with this task he copes perfectly well!