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The Harry Potter symphony

9 December 2023, Sat. 19:00-21:00
HC KPI Kyiv, Victory Avenue 37
from 390 ₴
from 390 ₴


The Harry Potter symphony in Kyiv - photo №1 harry-potter-symphony-09-12_palac-kulturi-kpi-im.-igorya-sikorskogo_091220231900_636
The Harry Potter symphony in Kyiv - photo №2 harry-potter-symphony-09-12_palac-kulturi-kpi-im.-igorya-sikorskogo_091220231900_489
The Harry Potter symphony in Kyiv - photo №3 harry-potter-symphony-09-12_palac-kulturi-kpi-im.-igorya-sikorskogo_091220231900_948
The Harry Potter symphony in Kyiv - photo №4 harry-potter-symphony-09-12_palac-kulturi-kpi-im.-igorya-sikorskogo_091220231900_940
The Harry Potter symphony in Kyiv - photo №5 harry-potter-symphony-09-12_palac-kulturi-kpi-im.-igorya-sikorskogo_091220231900_509
The Harry Potter symphony in Kyiv - photo №6 harry-potter-symphony-09-12_palac-kulturi-kpi-im.-igorya-sikorskogo_091220231900_458
The Harry Potter symphony in Kyiv - photo №7 harry-potter-symphony-09-12_palac-kulturi-kpi-im.-igorya-sikorskogo_091220231900_839

About event

The Harry Potter Symphony concert in Ukrainian cities will take place from December 9, 2023 to January 16, 2024.

Why should you go to a concert of The Harry Potter Symphony?

  1. Enchanting musical and theatrical event.
  2. Melodies from all parts of the legendary saga performed by Timeless Choir and BIGSHOW ORCHESTRA.
  3. Unreal impressions from an incredible show.

The Harry Potter Symphony concert

BIGSHOW ORCHESTRA and the Timeless Choir invite you on an incredible journey to the world of Harry Potter. Platform 9 ¾ is already waiting for all the brave. Ready to go? - We will meet soon! The conductor of the orchestra is Taras Martynyk. Director - Ihor Bilyts. Stage space - Serhiy Glybin.

Dive into the world of the greatest wizard of all time

The Harry Potter Magic and Symphony Show is a completely complete story, which includes a magical video series, a spectacular visual show, reading excerpts from books by Joan Rowling, exciting interactivity and incredible surprises and gifts for the audience. And there are the best compositions of John Williams, Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper and Alexandre Desplat, which will be performed by Hogwarts students. Albus Dumbledore himself will conduct! Accompanied by Hagrid, you will walk through the most secret places of the school of magic and get incredible pleasure from the unique sound of your favorite melodies. Today, just as Harry Potter defeated the dark forces, our wizards of the Armed Forces destroy the enemy. And part of the funds from ticket sales will be directed to the needs of Ukrainian defenders. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for The Harry Potter Symphony concert?

You can quickly and easily buy tickets online at Concert.ua.