3 October 2018, Wed. 19:00
Jovtnevyi Palats Kyiv, Kiev, st. Institutskaya, 1, m. Khreshchatyk, Independence Square.
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from 7.61 EUR
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About event

Why go to concert Hava Nagila?

1. Hear the ancient works and famous hits of Jewish music in unique arrangements for the symphony orchestra.
2. To hear world-famous songs: "Hava Nagila", songs from the repertoire of sisters of Berry, "Fiddle on the Roof", "The Schindler List", "Golden Jerusalem" by Naomi Shemer.
3. Enjoy the play of the best musicians of Lviv - the Orbest Orchestra "Leoband Orchestra".

On October 3, 2018, a concert devoted to the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel and the 100th anniversary of the song "Hava Nagila" will be held in Kyiv.

LeoBand Orchestra - a variety symphony orchestra, created from the best musicians of Lviv, will perform the most famous hits of the Jewish vocal, orchestral and dance music, ancient Jewish prayers, works from the repertoire of the sisters of Berry, the violinist on the roof, the movie "The List of Schindler", "Golden Jerusalem" Naomi Shemer.

Conductors: Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Mykola Orach, Oleksiy Bazhenov, Sergiy Yakovchuk.

The concert will be held with the support of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine.