6 December 2019, Fri. 19:00
Lviv Circus Lviv, vulytsya Horodotsʹka, 83
from 9.67 EUR
from 9.67 EUR

About event

HEILUNG - the authors of the soundtracks until the last season "GREAT PRESTOLI" for the first time wake up to Lviv with a great concert

The collective reproduced in its music the sounds of Northern Europe of the Iron Age and the Viking era. The sound of compositions is based on the use of traditional Scandinavian instruments and voices that carry the listener in pre-Christian times, when a man was one with nature.

Each performance by Heilung is an exciting entertainment event, where the lines between stage action and ancient rituals, past and present disappear.

Heilung uses ancient Scandinavian texts on archaeological artifacts in his songs relating to heroic events or translations of ancient text elements. The authentic sound and aesthetics of ancient civilization are created with the help of bones, tambourines, water noise, wooden shields and spears.
In the translation from the German language HEILUNG means "healing," and this is the essence of Heilung music. The listener remains calm and relaxed after a musical journey, the leader of the band Kai Uwe Faust believes that the enchanting power of music is able to heal the body and soul of man.

The band's arsenal is a composition devoted to the spirits of the Carpathian forests.

The Metal Hammer UK magazine called a concert at Midgardsblot in Norway, one of the best live performances in 2017.
Heilung's music sounded in the advertisement of the new season of the fantasy drama series "The Game of the Thrones" Game of Thrones.
Do not delay, immerse yourself in the world of mysterious shamans and militant Vikings. Hear the voice of your ancestors.

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