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Heroes of Might and Magic

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About event

PAUL ROMERO - the composer of the music for the game saga "Heroes of Might and Magic" - returns to Ukraine!

After loud sell-outs and getting to know our incredible country and audience, Paul immediately expressed a desire to come again. Therefore, we are happy to present the updated program - a concert that has become a dream come true for fans of "Heroes of the Sword and Magic": the composer himself will perform the legendary soundtrack of the game live on the piano, accompanied by the unique and unsurpassed geek orchestra LUMOS Orchestra and the Yevshan choir!

On March 11, on the stage of the Lviv Opera, dreams will come true: music will transport you to battles with angels and dragons, to the search for the Holy Grail or to magical towers, and maybe even to the Necropolis itself!

Listening to music performed live by a composer is an incredible experience and unforgettable emotions that will leave memories for a lifetime. In addition, the project has special, unique arrangements with the addition of Ukrainian instruments to highlight our native flavor that Paul loved so much.

Paul Romero is, without a doubt, a true musical prodigy. At the age of 5, Paul was already improvising on the piano for hours, inspired by hits heard on the radio, and fell in love with Chopin and Liszt. At 11, he played Mozart with the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra. At 13, he wrote and performed his first piano concerto with the US National Symphony Orchestra. At 16, he won a scholarship to the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

What are the games for? All thanks to a good opportunity. Once at a party, Paul met Rob King. He was looking for a composer who would create music that sounded as if it had been written 300 years ago. Time for writing — a week, payment — 400 dollars. Romero agrees: why not try and make some extra money? This is how the soundtrack to the first Heroes of Might and Magic was born and a 25-year-long story begins.

LUMOS Orchestra is the only geek-orchestra in Ukraine, which together with its colleagues - Galician chamber choir "Yevshan" - has been delighting fans of movies, series, cartoons and video games with thematic concerts for more than 12 years. Each of their performances is a real show that combines their own original arrangements of music, animations by Ukrainian artists, interactivity, scenery and costumes and, most importantly, powerful drama with a well-told story. And all this together forms fantastic events that have no analogues in Ukraine!

Concert soloist – Paul Romero (USA)

The conductor is Roman Kreslenko

The artistic director of the orchestra is Diana Koval

The artistic director of the choir is Iryna Kreslenko

The world of Sword and Magic is calling!

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