30 November 2018, Fri. 19:00
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from 12.12 EUR
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About event

Black friday!

Only on 23/11 from 00:00 till 23:59 get your discount to this event: -70% to the ticket with price 700-750 UAH.

Why go to the Högni concert?

1. Exclusive concert of ex-vocalist GusGus with a new album, for the first time in Ukraine.
2. Concert accompanied by a string orchestra
3. Incredible atmosphere of another reality combined with Scandinavian motifs

Icelandic singer and composer Högni will perform for the first time in Kiev with a string quartet. Ex-participant GusGus and frontman indie band Hjaltalín will present in Kiev a solo album "Two Trains".

The two trains mentioned in the title of the album are real cars - the locomotives Minør and Pionér, which in the early 20th century, when building the Reykjavik harbor, moved a huge amount of stone and gravel to the coast. Today they serve as relics of the past and stand parked without action for over a century. According to Högni, Minør and Pionér are very important to him, as they personify various incarnations of his personality during difficult periods of life. Today's society faces such a choice every day. The main thing is to come to the realization of the chosen path.

"The music in" Two Trains "is the imprint of the time of my life when I encountered myself," says Högni. - At that moment I did not feel the difference between personal and universal, the absolute consciousness of the unconsciousness of life came. Perhaps this is a feeling that can not be conveyed like a watercolor washed off by sea water. But this is also a lost mirage, which you can enjoy before you arrive at your last destination. "

The cover of the album uses the artist's photo made by Anna Maggi, over which Sigurður Oddsson worked to reflect the idea of duality.