Holy Death Over Kyiv VII

18 April 2020, Sat. 16:00
Bingo Kyiv, Pobedy Avenue, 112, m. "Svyatoshin".
from 30.00 EUR
from 30.00 EUR
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Holy Death Over Kyiv VII in Kyiv - photo #1 Holy Death Over Kyiv VII у Києві
Holy Death Over Kyiv VII in Kyiv - photo #2 Holy Death Over Kyiv VII у Києві афіша
Holy Death Over Kyiv VII in Kyiv - photo #3 Holy Death Over Kyiv VII у Києві квитки

About event

The seventh Holy Death Over Kyiv Festival has brought together the best domestic and foreign Black Metal bands under its banner.

April 18, Bingo, Holy Death Over Kyiv VII

Marduk - As part of the band's thirtieth anniversary, Kyiv will be razed by Panzer Division Marduk with an exclusive program of the finest songs from all albums period. This is no nostalgic reunion reminiscing forlorn days of glory but rather an unbroken continuation of events set in motion thirty years ago. Marduk have taken neither breaks, hiatuses, nor time-outs – instead pushing onwards relentlessly through fleeting trends, transient fads, and a complete upheaval of the record industry; all without missing a beat. Swedish Black Metal band Marduk was founded by guitarist Morgan Håkansson in March 1990. He sought to create the fiercest, most brutal Black Metal band. Now, three decades later – through various line-up changes, fourteen studio albums, as well as several EPs, DVDs, and live records – their subversive pursuits remain as vibrant and pure as initially envisioned, although honed and refined with maturity and wisdom.

Infernal War - For more than 20 years history, due to strange circumstances this kvlt still haven't played a single show on Ukrainian soils, we decided to correct this! Kyiv is going to be dechristianized by 9х19 Parabellum of mighty Infernal War!

Return to Kyiv of the notorious Black Cossacks Burshtyn with a new record.

Grave Circles - the band who is following the best traditions of Orthodox Black Metal. Feel the immersion in total Darkness.

Kaosophia returns to Holy Death Over Kyiv stage with new songs. One more addition to our Orthodox BM set. Devilish hymns of Freedom and Hate.

Newborn kvlt from the depths of Kharkiv scene - Goatreich . Debut appearance of the project brought to you by members of Ygg, Ulvegr, KZOHH, Raventale, Deferum Sacrum.