Homo Soveticus. American comedy & Soviet tragedy

20 December 2018, Thu. 19:00
Jovtnevyi Palats Kyiv, Kiev, st. Institutskaya, 1, m. Khreshchatyk, Independence Square.
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from 3.03 EUR
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Why go to Homo Soveticus?

1. A mixture of comedy and tragedy with an intriguing plot.
2. Famous artists Alexander Yarema and Olga Zhukovtsova
3. Live music from the group SHKLO

The Ampulka Theater presents the premiere performance of “Homo Soveticus. American comedy & Soviet tragedy ”or“ HS ”based on the play“ Victim Goldiner ”by Viktor Shenderovich.

Producer Mikhail Bondarenko invited the most sought-after and talented people of the modern theater to be staged. A very funny and at the same time lyrical performance was staged by the best young director of Ukraine - Maxim Golenko (Viy 2.0, Aphrodisiac, Vitalik, etc.). The set design and costumes by Lesia Golovach are always a sign of quality! Unusual scenery, scenic finds - the corporate identity of this artist. The music for the play was created by the idols of the younger generation - the group SHKLO. The musicians are involved in episodic roles and, moreover, on the stage only “live music” performed by them! Beautiful artists - Alexander Yarema (Wulf Goldiner / Vladimir Semenov) and Olga Zhukovtsova (Jane Watson / Zhenya Rovinskaya) make the audience laugh to tears and cry through laughter.

On Brighton, the fate of the emigrants from Kharkov - the old communist Wolfe Goldiner and the young scientist Jane Watson - was intertwined against his will. From mutual hostility to mutual sympathy and back to hostility, from soul-saving conversations to willingness to tear each other apart, these completely different people build their relationships and are forced to meet twice a week. For what?