Choir them. G. Veryovki

21 November 2019, Thu. 19:00
National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Kyiv, Kiev, B. Vasilkovskaya, 103, m. "The Palace of Ukraine".
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from 4.97 EUR
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About event

In September 1943, composer, choral conductor Grigory Verevka, uniting young enthusiasts, talented performers from around the people, created an original collective, a collective that developed and disseminated the best songs and dance traditions that reach out.

Now the choir named after G. Verevka is 75 years old. He has the title of National, Academic Collective, His range extends from ethnic and folklore to classic a-capella arrangements and songs by contemporary composers; from vocal-choreographic scenes, compositions and folk acts to folk opera-ballet. The collective became accessible and subject to what used to be impossible in the folk choir. The Ukrainian folk choir is able not only to sing in a variety of vocal manners in dozens of languages, but also to do it with sophisticated dynamic nuances, only in extreme cases resorting to the brand's crying forte.

The team includes more than one hundred artists. It includes choral, dance groups and an orchestra of folk instruments.

No matter where G. Verovka's choir performed - in his native land or on distant continents - the world recognized his great merits as the creator of extremely original and at the same time all-human song and music treasures, a curative Ukrainian song, incendiary dances. Approving articles and reviews in the press by Germany, Romania, Poland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and the Balearic Islands. The team toured in more than 100 countries.

“... an ensemble of Cossacks from Ukraine is an unprecedented sight. We risk not claiming that we have a miracle. It is not a spectacle, but a strange dream, the content of which is made by unheard sounds, unprecedented movements and unearthly colored colors. ”
/ The Portuguese newspaper "Dario Popular" /

"There's no telling who performs best - a choir or a dance group or an orchestra. The art of each team is so perfect that it is difficult to find words for each of them. However, when the presenter announces the Spanish language "Ukrainian Hopak", the room is bursting with a storm of applause: perfect coordination of movements, rhythmic accuracy, fast rotations, fantastic jumps all cause admiration. "
/ The Mexican newspaper Sol de Torreon /

“Ukraine is definitely a wonderful country. This is what the concert of the Ukrainian People's Choir makes. The songs and dances of Ukraine are a landscape of flowers and a vibrant sky that turns into a melody that is admirable. Throughout the concert, we seemed to be present at a national holiday. The audience could not resist the charm of the Ukrainian artists and with great regret allowed them to leave the stage. Our dear guests gave us the opportunity to watch the best concert of this session. ”
/ Monaco newspaper Niss-Maten /