Veryovka Choir

31 July 2019, Wed. 19:00
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa, 1 Tchaikovsky Street
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from 8.33 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the concert of Veryovka Choir?

1. Veryovka Choir will perform with the new program "Songs and dances of the peoples of the world."
2. The team will present the pearls of the song heritage, the best examples of world music and choreography. More than 100 artists on the same stage and up to 30 costume changes - all this in two hours.
3. The audience together with the artists, thanks to songs and dances, will travel around the world and get acquainted with the cultural characteristics of 29 countries.

The repertoire of an outstanding group consists of the best national songs of the peoples of the world and currently has more than 1,000 works. There are 150 talented artists in the group, and the variety of genres knows no boundaries: chumatski and kozak songs, carols, thoughts, lyrics, folklore, opera and classical akapella - the wealth of folk art cannot be overestimated!

Do you want to go on a world tour without leaving Ukraine? The musical adventure will last two hours and will acquaint the viewer with the cultural characteristics of 29 countries - all this is performed by hundreds of talented choir members, who will be replaced by about 30 folk costumes during the performance.

Ukrainian is one of the most singing, and our people have always been drawn to the beautiful. Veryovka Choir was founded in 1943 to raise morale during the war - and since its foundation, the artists successfully traveled around half the world with performances. Most musical groups with a practically centuries-old history lose their identity and relevance in contemporary culture, but the choir of them. G. Ropovka not only manages to keep up with the times, but also every time to arrange a startling show.

Grigory Guryevich Veryovka is a Ukrainian conductor and the first head of the National Academic Choir, which remains one of the most significant “business cards” of Ukrainian culture. Over the 77-year history, the academic choir received the title of “national” and “honored”, traveled with concerts to hundreds of countries and expanded the song repertoire every year. July 31 at the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Veryovka Choir will perform with the new program “Songs and dances of the peoples of the world” - we are waiting for all lovers of folklore and beautiful music!