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Dance performance "Grishna"

22 August 2024, Thu. 18:00-20:00
Poltava City House of Culture Poltava, st. Independence Square, 5
from 150 ₴
from 150 ₴
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Dance performance "Grishna" in Poltava - photo №1 tancevalnyi-spektakl-greshnaja_centr-kulturi-ta-dozvillya_220820241800_150
Dance performance "Grishna" in Poltava - photo №2 tancevalnyi-spektakl-greshnaja_centr-kulturi-ta-dozvillya_220820241800_646
Dance performance "Grishna" in Poltava - photo №3 tancevalnyi-spektakl-greshnaja_centr-kulturi-ta-dozvillya_220820241800_817
Dance performance "Grishna" in Poltava - photo №4 tancevalnyi-spektakl-greshnaja_centr-kulturi-ta-dozvillya_220820241800_940
Dance performance "Grishna" in Poltava - photo №5 tancevalnyi-spektakl-greshnaja_centr-kulturi-ta-dozvillya_220820241800_718
Dance performance "Grishna" in Poltava - photo №6 tancevalnyi-spektakl-greshnaja_centr-kulturi-ta-dozvillya_220820241800_144

About event

Why should you go to the theater for the Dance performance "Grishna" in Poltava?

  1. A stunning performance that will give new bright impressions.
  2. Revolutionary choreography and a unique production concept.
  3. A priceless opportunity to experience strong emotions together with the heroes of the performance.

Dance performance "Grishna" in Poltava

Art theater "Lyuta" presents an uncontrollably emotional dance performance "Grishna". Top choreographer-producer Anna Chetvertak and stars of the show "Ukraine of incredible people" _soul_dance_studio took part in the preparation of the performance. It's worth seeing!

Immersion in the world of subtle emotions and sensations

"Sinful" is an expressive stage work in which, in the language of stylish and modern means, issues of mistakes and remorse, bargaining with conscience, and struggle with public condemnation are revealed. The participants of the performance try to find out where it is, the line between personal happiness and dishonor. Open movements embody the most dramatic components of our life: intrigue, love, passion. Every movement is a sincere charm. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Grishna Dance Performance" in Poltava?

Hurry up and order tickets online on the Concert.ua website.