Hudaki Village Band

28 November 2018, Wed. 19:00
Palace Ukraine (small hall) Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska st. 103
from 6.06 EUR
from 6.06 EUR


Hudaki Village Band in Kyiv - photo #1 Hudaki Village Band у Києві

About event

Why go to the Hudaki Village Band concert?

1. The true Ukrainian folk music - without any decoration and intentional image-making.
2. Gudaki's greatest strength lies in their impeccable authenticity
3. Presentation of the CD release of the new YO album!

Hudaki Village Band with a concert in the Small Hall of the Ukraine Palace.

From the way the audience behaved and responded, it was clear that the concert had exceeded all their expectations. Dancing, singing, laughing, applauding and celebrating - all this caused the euphoria of applause and appeals to act on the devil long after almost a three-hour concert. This music is addictive - probably because it is so bright, real and mobile. There are moving ballads that draw mystical sleep in the outlook. There are breathtaking rhythms that lure the crazy dance. There are solemn hymns that create a mood of holiness. Musicians not only perform at the concert, they also show what it is like to be human - first and foremost, because we all have an infinite desire for life that is always part of us and embodied in music, dance and singing. The musicians themselves emit this cheerfulness. They play, sing and dance, as if guided by supernatural forces ...

Nine musicians from the Ukrainian Carpathians are Hudaki Village Band. Their voices sound heart and soul during the round-the-clock wedding celebrations. Like their ancestors - Jewish, Rusyn and Roma groups from the Maramures region - they know exactly how to perfectly accomplish this: make people happy! Their wild rhythms give a boost to all who dance, young and old. It seems that everyone dancing, climbing over the dance floor, in pairs or large circles, and then floating above the ground in circular levitation. When the peasants are exhausted on the dance floor, they sit down together, singing old ballads that tell horrible and wonderful stories that can only offer real life.

Hoodaki are masters of alchemy of musical vibrational happiness. During 16 years of performances at hundreds of festivals and concert halls throughout Europe, the band learned to make their archaic, night-time moments of happiness accessible to the uneducated. In the Maramures region, in the mountainous area of ​​south-western Ukraine on the border with Romania and Hungary, peasant musicians are called gooseberries. Various ethnic musical influences make traditional music a versatile and unique one. The archaic Slavic vocal tradition, Romanian melodies, Jewish rhythms and Romani temperament have combined in the local cultural cross-flow, which for centuries developed in the lives of different peoples side by side in one territory.

In his new "Yo!" Album, released in December 2017, Gudaki presented a wide range of local music, which they play and sing in a peculiar, very characteristic style.

The Austrian immigrant and musician Jürgen Kreftner founded this band in 2001, together with two musicians who played their music at weddings - Vasily Ruschak and Michael Shutkom from the village. Lower Village From the very beginning, the singer Katya Yarynych joined the group, and later Olga Seninets, 11, and former rock bassist Volodya Tishler. Later they met with the virtuoso cymbalist Voloda Korolenko and two prominent rural musicians, Sergei Kovachev and his son Vitaliy. Since 2008 the composition of the group has not changed.

At first Gudaki called itself the Maramures Band, it was a group that did not actually bind itself to Ukraine. However, after the 2014 Revolution of Virtue, where the musicians fought against the protesters and the police, Gudaki began to show their belonging to a free Ukraine that is open to the world. But this in no way changed their local identity. One of the main features of the culture of mountain villages is a mixture of humor and stubbornness that you can feel, hear and see at the concerts of the band and in their unusual outfits.

The band performed at dozens of festivals in Europe, including Sziget Festival in Budapest, Fusion and Bardentreffen in Germany, Klez More in Vienna, Notes d'Equinoxes Delemont and Festival des 5 Continents in Switzerland, Respect-Prague, Balkan Trafik Brussels, Les Suds Arles in France and many others.

Katerina Yarynych, vocals
Olga Seninets, vocals, a garland
Vasyl Ruschak, drum (percussion)
Michael Shutko, vocals, violin
Yuriy Bukovinets, clarinet, tarragot, flute
Volodymyr Korolenko, cymbals
Vitaliy Kovach, vocals, guitar
Sergey Kovach, accordion, plank
Vladimir Tishler, double bass

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