31 March 2021, Wed. 19:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
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from 26.33 EUR
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HURTS concert in Kyiv: don't miss March 31, 2021 in the Palace of Sports!

Why go to a HURTS concert?

  1. This will be the first live HURTS in three years in Kyiv.
  2. Evaluate the new dark pop album and cool show.
  3. You missed the big concerts so much!

HURTS in Kyiv: a large-scale show and presentation of a new album

In Kyiv, the British pop duo Hurts started with a small Crystal Hall, and in 2021 they will "pack" the Palace of Sports in two cities at once. Remember the dates: March 30 - Odessa, March 31 - Kiev.

This will be one of the largest Hurts tours in Eastern Europe, and for us - the first meeting with the duo since 2018. This time they will bring a new album Faith, which they worked on for three long years.

Presentation of the album Faith

Faith will be released in September 2020 and will be the band's fifth studio work. Theo Hatchcraft and Adam Anderson wrote it for three years - the longest pause between albums in their history.

Hatchcraft says the reasons were personal problems:

"I was completely exhausted physically and mentally. I had to stop and do nothing for a very long time because I couldn't think, focus, nothing at all. And to be honest, I didn't know what the future held for me, Hurts and we'll write more one album ".

I wonder who the catalysts for the creative process for Hatchcraft were blind therapy and care for a live octopus. Therapy helped to focus on other sensations and deal with emotional experiences. And octopuses ... well, it was also an unusual experience.

But the most important thing in the new album is that they return to the roots of serious pop music:

"We fell in love again with the type of music we started with. We always wrap something gloomy in our songs and we seem to have managed to get back to it fully."

The first singles - Voices, Suffer and Redemption show that Hurts follow the set direction. We will hear the rest of the material for the first time in autumn, and live - at big concerts in spring.


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