Itzhak Pintosevich. Thinking winner.

17 November 2019, Sun. 10:00
Renessans Odessa, Lustdorf Road, 172/1
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from 86.67 EUR
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About event

Itzhak Pintosevich - Expert in System Development of Personality and Business. He is the author of 12 best-selling books (circulation of more than 500 thousand), which prepared more than 1,000 business coaches and coaches. Certified Business Coach and Trainer NLP. He studied with Dr. Psychology Marilyn Atkinson. Author of unique training programs. During the period from 2006 to 2014, more than 64,000 people from 27 countries of the world attended the Yitzhak trainings.

Who is this forum for:

Sooner or later we find ourselves in a vicious circle “home-work-sleep”. We know what we want, but we do not have enough strength, energy, experience. You live well, but do not leave feeling that something is missing? Do you want dramatic changes and improve your life? This is a program for everyone who wants to push their internal framework, to realize their capabilities, to confidently go to the goal.

What is this forum about:
- three foundations beyond achievements;
- four main barriers to the goal of overcoming the fear of failure, getting rid of the fear of condemnation, the basic tools;
- how to win laziness and realize your potential.

What you get as a result:
- full understanding of yourself and your desires;
- overcoming barriers, clamps and chronic laziness;
- high level of energy;
- knowledge of the algorithm for creating new opportunities.