23 January 2020, Thu. 19:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
from 6.63 EUR
from 6.63 EUR

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Idea Fix in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2020-01-23 в 19:00 on the ICCA OCTOBER PALACE, Kyiv.
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Bright, easy, wildly funny show about the impossibility of being alone, about the need to keep your other half, even if in the name of love you have to take reasonable but extraordinary measures.

Evlampia Teodorovna - a middle-aged lady, already 10 years as a widow, decides to end her loneliness. She advertises in the newspaper and, after consulting with Tarot cards, decides to choose a future satellite from the top five contenders.

Yevlampia's neighbor, scientist Nestor Pavlovich, has long claimed the widow's hand and heart and is in no way satisfied with any timetable without his participation. Nestor turns his former friend to the professional cartier Vasily, remembering that he played very well in the Institute theater. Nestor Pavlovich proposes that Vasyl play five roles, appearing in Eulampia in the characters of five disgusting characters, so that she will forever refuse to think of marrying anyone but Nestor.

However, during the play, Basil, inspired by Yevlampi's intellect as well as her four-room apartment, decides to play his game and marry the widow himself. A poignant situation arises.

Author: Miro Havran

Cast: LI Udovichenko, MA Basharov, SV Kolesnikov
2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission.

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