Creative evening of Igor Guberman

28 March 2019, Thu. 19:00
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR


About event

Why should you go to Igor Guberman's creative evening?

1. To touch the depths of the creativity of modern Omar Khayyam.
2. To see the most unexpected and unpredictable performance from ever visited by you.
3. To find out what Igor Guberman is preparing in the new program.

On March 28, 2019, the regular traditional meeting with the most readable Russian poet, writer, sage and wit, Israeli Igor Guberman will be held in the Central House of Officers of Kiev!!!

A brilliant writer of the quatrains, who have long been called “garikas” in honor of the author, in which sadness coexists with love (Okudzhava), and humor with informal vocabulary that has entered most of the coolest collections of wise thoughts, a brilliant novelist and storyteller - this is he, Igor Mironovich Guberman. And he is a charismatic actor who is not like anyone, his author's reading and stories instantly gain the trust and attention of the audience, he speaks about the most serious topics with humor and sometimes with bitter irony.

Corporate drive and energy, Huberman's recognizable voice, biting texts that make you think about the future and burn with the desire to change something in yourself and around you - all this instantly attracts the attention of listeners. Those who heard him once remain loyal to him still, and a huge audience of fans is growing every year.

Guberman's speeches are always loud, bold, bold and extremely honest. And the answers to the notes, and the notes themselves are a separate genre, and a separate presentation. Full two departments, signing books and CDs, photos for memory ... this is not a visiting guest performer, but a Poet and a Artist who respects us.

We will repeat for those who have already forgotten what we started with: March 28, 2019 in the Central House of Officers of Kiev a recital of the poet and writer Igor Guberman will take place! Share the joy of meeting with us and your friends!

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