Toy for mom

8 November 2019, Fri. 20:00
Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama Kyiv, vulytsya Bohdana Khmelʹnytsʹkoho, 5
from 13.33 EUR
from 13.33 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the production of "Toy for Mom"?

1. A play based on the play of the famous Italian playwright Aldo Nikolai.
2. The eternal theme of fathers and children.
3. The narrative is woven from funny and sad situations.

The main theme of the play is the relationship between mom and daughter. This hides the severity of the intrigue of the production. What can result in excessive maternal love and fear of loneliness?

There is probably no love on earth stronger than a mother’s love for her child. Forgiving, accepting and understanding completely. Such love can protect against danger, protect from evil, heal wounds. However, there is a flip side to the coin. Mother's love is monstrously selfish. Then it does not allow the natural process to happen when an adult child becomes independent.

Mother sincerely and strongly loves her daughter. But only while it is small. While she is in her power. And now the feeble aged mother is now mortally afraid of loneliness. Seeing how an adult daughter tries to arrange her own destiny, she begins to wage an implacable and tough fight. With whom? Of course, with your child. With the personality of the daughter, with her "I". And the goal of this struggle is love, which, in the opinion of the mother, should still entirely belong only to her.

The play is based on the detective story of the play “Have You Never Ran a Camel?” By Aldo Nikolai.
Scenography and direction - Grigory Ziskin (Canada).
A drama in one action lasts 1 hour 10 minutes.

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