8 November 2020, Sun. 19:00
National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Kyiv, Kiev, B. Vasilkovskaya, 103, m. "The Palace of Ukraine".
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from 23.30 EUR
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IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #1 IL DIVO у Києві
IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #2 IL DIVO у Києві афіша
IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #3 IL DIVO у Києві квитки
IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #4 IL DIVO у Києві на concert.ua
IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #5 IL DIVO у Києві фото
IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #6 IL DIVO у Києві піти
IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #7 IL DIVO у Києві дивитись
IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #8 IL DIVO у Києві квитки
IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #9 IL DIVO у Києві дивитись
IL DIVO in Kyiv - photo #10 IL DIVO у Києві

About event

Why go to the IL DIVO concert?

1. To see "divine artists" (translated as "IL DIVO" by the name of the aria), who have conquered the most prestigious scenes and hearts of women around the world.
2. To hear eternal world hits of all time about love in the performance of "golden voices of opera" from the new album of the group - TIMELESS.
3. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of romance and beautiful music performed by the best opera singers and symphony orchestra.

Quartet IL DIVO, golden voices of the opera, return to Kiev!

IL DIVO is a unique international quartet consisting of the Spanish baritone of Carlos Marina, Swiss tenor Urs Büller, French pop singer Sebastien Izambar and American tenor David Miller, who will be called the golden voices of the opera, will perform at the Kyiv Palace "Ukraine" on November 8. Now they are celebrating their 15th anniversary, in honor of which they went to the TIMELESS TOUR on six continents. A concert of musicians in Ukraine will take place in Kyiv. The audience is waiting for an unforgettable show accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra VP Orchestra.

The project was created by well-known British producer Simon Cowel in December 2003, and in 2006 Guinness World Record Book named them the most commercially successful classical crossover in the world. Since then, musicians have achieved tremendous success all over the world! Four aristocratic beauties with conservative training and operatic voices have created their own style of performance.

They were recorded in a duet from Celine Dion and Tony Breckston, as special guests attended the North American tour of Barbara Streisand, performed at the ball in honor of Barack Obama's inauguration and at a concert celebrating the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. On their account - 30 million sold albums, 50 number one in the world charts, 160 gold and platinum awards in 35 countries and four world tours. Also, IL DIVO became the first performers in the classic crossover style, which with their debut album got into the top 200 Billboard.

The first concert of IL DIVO in Kyiv was held in 2013 . Musicians really liked Kiev and Ukrainian women. During the concert, the singers repeatedly repeated: "Oh, how many beautiful girls! Ukrainian women are the most beautiful girls in the world! It's true!" As a sign of gratitude, the girls sang the singers with flowers, as they said: "So many flowers are given to us by women! We have not seen such a single city in the world, only in Kiev!"

At the forthcoming concert, the star quartet will present its new album, TIMELESS , released in 2018, which unites songs about love of all time. This is the seventh album of the band who immediately took first place in the Billboard charts among classical album albums (Classical Albums). "TIMELESS is one of the most special albums we have made for our entire career with IL DIVO. We chose the songs of all time, which sounded in films and stunning romantic soundtracks from the 30's and to the songs of our days, such as the mythical song "Smile" to Charlie Chaplin's 1936 film ", - told Carlos Marin.

There is music that speaks in our souls, because of it we forget about our problems and concerns and just dissolve in it. This evening will be for you a memorable date filled with romance of the best world hits of love!