4 December 2018, Tue. 19:00
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Why go to the Illusion show?

1. Chimeric mixture of detective, love drama and comedy
2. A play with success goes on European scenes
3. Everything that happens on the stage controls love

Lived-there were two happy couples. About such people they say - an ideal family and envy their unreal happiness. Now it's time to die ... And suddenly it turned out that their unreal family happiness was just ... an illusion?

A witty and wise story about love, which you will not punish and with which there is no strength to fight. What Man Controls: A Feeling Or A Mind? And if you chose between old friendship and new love, what would you choose? And if this new love is the wife of a friend? It's all difficult, you say ... But really it's very, very simple, because love all places in places.

The play is played by four stars of the Ukrainian theater and cinema - Vitalina Bybliv, Olesya Zhurakovska, Oleksiy Nkradny and Dmitry Rybalevsky. In their performance, this story turns into a fireworks display of whims and a bright garland of piercing monologues about true feelings.

You have not seen "Illusion" yet? Do not miss the pleasure of learning about this world a bit more!

Author: Ivan Vyripayev
Director: Stas Zhirkov
Actors: Oleksiy Nkradny, Vitalina Bibliv, Olesya Zhurakovska, Dmytro Rybalevsky

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