26 July 2020, Sun. 19:00
Theater on Tea Odesa, st. Marazlievskaya, 34A
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from 1.33 EUR
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About event

Why go to the play "Illusions"?

1. The unusual genre and philosophical plot will leave a lasting impression.
2. In the production, comedy and tragedy are tightly intertwined: you are invited to decide what is more in the play.
3. "Illusions" - this is another reason to think about what our life is.

In the “Theater on Tea House” they put on the play “Illusions” based on the play by the famous playwright Ivan Vyrypaev. The genre of the production is a dramatic stand-up. Do not miss!

The heroes of the performance are two married couples of Americans. The boring monotonous life of friends changes at the moment. The world around takes on a new shape. And that’s because illusions are destroyed. Illusions of family and personal happiness. But this is a lot. And how to live now, knowing that you have never been loved? And well-being turned out to be only an external facade, beautiful, but deceptive.

It may seem to you that everything is too tragic. But now imagine that there will be plenty of comedic moments in the play. How does one fit with the other? - come and see!

"Illusions" is a timeless story.

Waiting for you!

The duration of the performance is 70 minutes.