Empire of Angels

6 December 2019, Fri. 19:00
Ukrainian theater Odessa, st. Pastera, 15
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR
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Why go to the performance Empire of Angels?

1. Very well-kept atmosphere, the effect of immersion in the environment and events.
2. Great acting.
3. An unforgettable decoration experience. Everything is very organic, subtle, accurate.

Throughout Europe, the name of Bernard Verber on the cover of a book means only one thing - a masterpiece!

The Empire of Angels is one of the most sensational books of the French writer.

If you do not have enough philosophy, if you need a new promise in life, then be sure to buy tickets for the performance "Empire of Angels", staged according to the world-famous bestseller of Bernard Verber. You will find the depth of the human person, the opportunity to see the complexity and simplicity of life at the same time. You will be given the opportunity to look from the outside at your usual problems, complex internal issues, as well as how things change if your life changes.

A little about the novel itself:
Empire of Angels is a worldwide bestseller that has sold around the world in 10 million copies and continues to be sold and published. This is a very interesting interpretation of what awaits us at the end of our life's journey. But this is not its meaning and idea. Using the example of the young angel Michel very accurately and subtly it is shown how much depends on our decisions, desires, thoughts. Sometimes the fulfillment of what we strive for will not bring happiness, and a happy start does not guarantee an equally successful ending. This novel is a deep philosophical journey into the world of human nature. He is able to easily reconfigure our point of view on his problems, temporary difficulties. With him, you begin to ask yourself new questions, and you find answers to the old, hopeless ones, easily and simply. In short, the Jules Verne Prize is simply not given, which means that enough has been invested in the book to be enough for more than one production.

A bit about the theater team:
The Kiev Vizavi Theater is the first private theater that has continued to delight viewers with quality, interesting productions for more than 20 years. Despite his relative youth, in 1996 he received the first international award, which was claimed by almost two dozen applicants from different countries.

Today, this theater is able to please not only the ordinary audience, who simply comes to performances in order to be distracted, recharged, and relax from a rather rude and fussy world. The performances of the collective and seasoned critics, avid theatergoers and aesthetes do not ignore the performances of the collective.

The production by Verber is a very good choice. In spirit, the novel is very consonant with the ideas of the team, it is also deep and thoughtful. Visiting a performance performed by Vizavi is a great idea not only for those who have already read the novel, but also to get acquainted with an interesting point of view on this plot.

Perhaps buying tickets for the Empire of Angels is the best gift for a lover of a good performance.