28 February 2019, Thu. 20:00
Bingo Kyiv, Pobedy Avenue, 112, m. "Svyatoshin".
from 18.18 EUR
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from 18.18 EUR
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In Extremo in Kyiv - photo #1 In Extremo у Києві
In Extremo in Kyiv - photo #2 In Extremo у Києві афіша
In Extremo in Kyiv - photo #3 In Extremo у Києві квитки
In Extremo in Kyiv - photo #4 In Extremo у Києві на concert.ua

About event

WARNING! The concert in Extremo in Kyiv was postponed on February 28, 2019, due to the serious illness of one of the band's musicians. All purchased tickets are valid for a new date.

Why go to the In Extremo concert?

1. The brightest folk-metal masters return to Kyiv.
2. Their albums and concerts are a unique atmosphere of the medieval fair in the modern way.
3. Speeches In Extremo - it's always a full room and tons of energy.

In Extremo again in Kiev!

Do you dream to get to the medieval fair to dance to the sounds of ancient Welsh, ancient French or Icelandic melodies?

No problem! Machines of time in us, of course, are not, so throw you into the past will not work out. But we can invite you to the Kiev club Bingo, which will be performed on February 28 by In Extremo, a medieval specialist.

The Berlin rock band began its way to music, performing ancient medieval ballads and songs. For boys, it's not a problem to sing Latin, Old Swede, Old-German, Welsh and other "dead" languages, accompanying themselves with at least an ancient musical instruments. In the hands of the musicians, In Extremo, the violet, lute, flute, and harp come alive, which freely sound in tandem with a modern electric guitar and bass guitar.

Subsequently, the musicians expanded their repertoire with brightly-colored works of their own, performed in the style of medieval metal and folk metal. And about the grandiose shows, which suits In Extremo, go legends!

Hurry to become an accomplice to a tear-off medieval holiday!