29 April 2019, Mon. 20:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
from 39.39 EUR
from 39.39 EUR


About event

Why should you go to In Flames concert?

1. Hear songs from the new album "I, the Mask".
2. Do not miss the concert of the legendary band.
3. The crazy energy of the live performance In Flames.

The cult In Flames will present a new album in Kyiv! The album was named "I, The Mask" and will be released on March 1. A Kyiv concert at the Stereo Plaza will be held on April 29.

Over the thirteenth studio album In Flames worked throughout 2018. A truly star team, the nominee for the Grammy Award, was produced by Howard Benson and her winners, Chris Lord Eldzhi and Ted Jensen, who were engaged in erection and mastering.

Inspiration for "I, The Mask", according to Anders Frieden frontman, became his life and world, which is constantly changing due to mixed events: "This world is complex. I look at my children and they grow up in an environment where everything is tense and can explode literally. The same thing happens with music. My past relationships and the situations in which I had to visit are ideas and inspiration for my songs that appeared at some point in my life."

Regarding the sound of the new album, Frieden does not reveal all the cards, leaving the details secret, but somehow they still managed to find out: "I'm glad that people are interested. To be honest, I do not really love this hippopotamus around. First they say: "Oh, they're back". And when they get an album, they say: "Oh, no, no, it's bullshit." We never repeat, with each new album we go further. The new one has more guitars, it's melodious, aggressive, and it's very, very passionate chorus, and I hope the listeners will appreciate it, and those who know In Flames are unlikely to be disappointed at least for a while."

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