12 June 2019, Wed. 20:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
from 43.00 EUR
from 43.00 EUR


About event

Why should you go to Interpol concert?

1. To see the first performance of American post-punks in Kyiv.
2. To hear the musicians, whose first album the critics have called a masterpiece.
3. To become part of a concert tour in support of "Marauder" record.

For the first time post-punks Interpol will perform in Kyiv!

If you want to search their name on Google, then first of all you will be given the site of the International Police, and only then - the American post-punks Interpol. They will perform in Kyiv for the first time with the presentation of the latest album “Marauder”. Remember the time and place where you can catch pseudo-agents and really good musicians - June 12, Green Theater.

Frontman Paul Banks, guitarist Daniel Kessler and drummer Sam Fogarino really look like secret agents - perfectly fitting costumes, thin, smooth ties, polished shoes to shine. And sunglasses, so that this brilliance is not blinded.

But, however, the name came to the group after a dozen faded names. “Yes, we had a few fucking chase. It so happened that we played without a name. Then I like this: “Stop, guys, take a look. People go to us, but they do not know how to find us to go next time.” And Paul simply took the name from his head later,” -Kessler says.

In 2002, the group released their debut album "Turn On The Bright Lights". She made a splash as she became the main album of post-punk-rivive - a genre that marked the return of post-punk of the eighties. Memorable riffs, intimate lyrics and a cold, detached atmosphere have influenced many musicians, among them The Killers, The XX and Editors. But the main album was at Interpol. “The assumption that this album is a product of the right time and place is as naive as the assumption that anyone who was in love could record a love song in principle. In 2002, there were a lot of cool bands, but only one was able to record this masterpiece,” - Pitchfork music site wrote in the album reviews for Interpol “Turn On The Bright Lights”.

In 2018, the band released the sixth longplay “Marauder”, in which they combined all their creative powers to create something new in post-punk direction. Mysterious clips, almost otherworldly forces, volatile, ambient sound coexists with buzzing, rapid-fire action films. The experiment was not appreciated by everyone, but the most loyal fans were satisfied.

Paul Banks in an interview about the album “Marauder”: “I wrote this album with pleasure. I enjoyed chatting with Sam and Dan. And enjoyed the process of writing songs. This is a wonderful and rare moment. We do not write tracks for the purpose of the type "Let's sound like this." Dan brought some guitar work, and then together we completed them.”

And you can personally tell about your attachment to Interpol and surrender to it with giblets next summer. Just dress decently!

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