24 July 2019, Wed. 19:30
Kyiv Planetarium Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 57/3
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR


About event

Why should you go to the Interstellar music show?

1. Listen to the organ that reproduces not only the sound, but also the acoustics of Notre Dame de Paris.
2. During the spherical video projections of the space theme, plunge into another reality.
3. Bach, Brahms, Messiaen and others will fully reveal the super-powerful sounds of this space instrument.

The best organization of France will sound in the Kiev Planetarium in the organ show Interstellar.

"Interstellar" in translation from English is "interstellar". A unique musical event in the Kiev planetarium. For the first time, thanks to modern technologies, the biggest organ of France will sound in Ukraine. The sounds of this instrument in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris were crowned the emperors of France and the emperor Napoleon.

The sampled organ of Notre Dame
The sound of all organ tubes (7400 pieces) was recorded live in the cathedral and reproduced using computer technology and the three-organ electronic organ Johannus. This technology most realistically reproduces not only the sound, but also the acoustics of Notre Dame de Paris. It was this instrument that influenced the formation and development of organ composition and organ building in the whole world.

Projections on the dome
During the time of spherical video projections of space theme, visitors will completely immerse themselves in another reality. In the chronological movement from the galaxy to the galaxy from era to era, the show will unfold. Bach, Brahms, Saint-Saens, Langle, Messiaen and others will fully reveal the tender and super-powerful sounds of this space instrument.

On the organ remote control the talented Ukrainian organist Elena Bolyukh will perform. She is a laureate of the V International Organ Organ Competition. V. Kikty (2012). He conducts an active solo concert activity, and also performs with ensembles, choral collectives and orchestras in Ukraine, Poland and France. In the repertoire - works from old masters of the XVI-XVII centuries., Composers of the Renaissance, Baroque, Romanticism to contemporary authors.

The organizers of the concert are the Kiev Planetarium and the Eclectic Sound Orchestra, which is qualitatively different from any other "traditional" orchestras. Different genre orientation of music and use of digital technologies have made the Eclectic Sound Orchestra an innovative and versatile orchestra for any modern needs of show business.

The musical producer of the show is Sergey Likhomanenko
Arrangement, keys and percussion - Vlad Solodovnikov
Assistant organist - Evgeny Gerzanych

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