19 October 2019, Sat. 19:00
Bel etage Kyiv, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16A
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from 24.67 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to ionnalee’s concert?

1. Get unearthly impressions from the performance of a mystical artist.
2. Hear the anti-utopian story about people in the future.
3. Rate one of the most extraordinary musical shows of the season.

Ionnalee will present a new album in Kyiv!

From the north blew a pleasant coolness and creativity. This means that Ionnalee, one of Sweden’s extraordinary and original artists and a participant in the iamamiwhoami project, is going to visit us. Last year, she released the album Everyone Afraid to Be Forgotten and played a big solo concert in Kyiv.

In May 2019, a new longplay will be released called Remember the Future. And the capital of Ukraine is again marked in the touring schedule. Remember the date and place - October 19, the club Bel`etage.

Remember the Future turned out pretty quickly. The tour in support of Everyone Afraid to Be Forgotten exhausted the singer and she did not feel the desire to return to the studio. But between tours she was there, despite her health problems, both moral and physical.

Ionnalee describes Remember the Future as an anti-utopian story about the future: "This is an encouraging album about people who have not forgotten how to dream and are happy with stars falling from heaven. But at the same time, these dreamers know and try to dig deeper into knowing that they are personally destroy planet earth."

The singer got her inspiration right during the concerts. Last year's tour was the first in her solo career. She raised funds with crowdfunding in five days. "At the concerts, the audience was so responsive that we had an absolutely natural connection. And I wanted to pay them back with the same coin. With this album, I felt more confident in all respects: as a person, as an artist, and as a producer."

Ionnalee collected powerful collaborators on this record. Longtime associate of iamamiwhoami Claes Bjorklund. The duo of Royksopp, with whom Ionnalee traveled for several years as a vocalist. Star of electronic underground Zola Jesus and many others.

If in the previous release Ionnalee dealt with typical pop folk with ambient, then in the upcoming album the vector was taken to unhurried dance electronics. Knowing the ability of the singer to create great shows and the visual part, we can safely say that in this genre she will feel like a fish in water.