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Йосип Кобзон. Пекельний концерт

Every day 00:00-02:00
Hell Plaza Пекло***, казан Кобзона, 1А
from 50 ₴
from 50 ₴

About event

Йосип Кобзон. Пекельний концерт in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2022-06-01 в 00:00 on the Hell Plaza, Kyiv.
Buy Йосип Кобзон. Пекельний концерт tickets at Concert.ua online or with delivery.

They have been waiting for this event for years. We were preparing for it. They even brought a uniform with them ... And their dream is about to come true! After all, Joseph Kobzon is already starting his endless hellish concert especially for the Russian occupiers and their allies.
The biggest scene in hell is already in full swing, so every Russian soldier will be able to enjoy the favorite songs of the famous maestro and finally meet the legend of the afterlife!

Mr. Kobzon and the choir. Alexandrov will ignite a nuclear charge of energy, as well as provide "hell" to each occupier. It will be hot!

We remind you that all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Return Alive Foundation. In order for our defenders to be able to return home safe and sound while the Russian military is present at Mr. Kobzon's concert.

Glory to the Armed Forces! Glory to Ukraine!

* This ticket does not entitle you to attend the concert, but only entitles you to watch a special video. The funds received from the sale of tickets will be transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces.

** All religious symbols and images are used only in a metaphorical sense. We do not intend to offend the religious feelings of believers.

*** The term "Hell" is not used in a direct religious context. We do not intend to offend the religious feelings of believers. It is eternal and without intermissions

# Buying a ticket, the buyer agrees that the ticket price includes 3% of the agency fee (LLC "CONCERT.YUA" and 5% of the single tax paid by the organizer (FOP Yurchenko Tetyana Yuriyivna)

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