Irina Fedishin. Ukraine carriageє

12 February 2020, Wed. 19:00
from 7.33 EUR
from 7.33 EUR
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About event

Irina Fedishin. Ukraine conjures to Odessa! We are waiting for you 2020-02-12 at 19:00 at the Odessa Regional Philharmonic, Odessa.
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Why do you need a concert at Irini Fedishin concert?

1. National folklore and Ukrainian melodies in the proper sampling.
2. Vidovishchny productions, over the others are very beautiful director of the country.
3. Tse show, as a gift I will give you a positive charge for the whole pik!

Veliké Rizdvyany Dіystvo - a concert show by Irini Fedishin, all of the carols in a special collection with fantastic performances of numbers. Okrіm that Irina vikona є takozha nayulyublenіshі pіsnі.

Irina Fedishin is involved in a musical phenomenon in the Ukrainian show business.

Spivachka started to cheer up Kyiv public, having passed the tour from Lviv to Kharkiv, and once again brought my great love to the public. The live shows were recognized by some of the most exciting projects in Ukraine. Zovsіm is not marvelous, more than 80 show shows sold out at the front show. The program is a concert, over which the director directed. In the dermal cut-out, Irina Fedishin, who’s been in a masterly way to learn the traditional music style and music with Ukrainian motives, has become absolutely different: she’s dressed up to the genres of the repertoire.

The team and the team prepared for a large scale decorating, show, as well as colorful costumes. Practically, the leather cover was supervised by its own theatrical production.

A concert with Irina Fedishin as a gift in the soul and in the heart.