Ірина Fedoshin

12 September 2018, Wed. 19:00
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from 5.88 EUR
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The charming Ірина Fedishin virtuously combines in her work the traditions of the Ukrainian people, and dynamic modern pop music. The performer quickly conquers hearts with her sincerity. At what not only the Ukrainian spectators, but also the European.

Irina Fedishin's songs are actively played on all radio stations, concerts gather full rooms. By the way, the actress is the author of the majority of compositions she performs. What is its secret? Probably, Ukrainians have become bored by meaningful songs and sincerity. In addition, on each of her speeches, Irina Fedishin puts all 100%!

All her concerts are enchanting holidays, real grandiose shows with original costumes, interesting dances, extraordinary scenography, light show and spectacular productions of the rooms. Irina Fedishin on the big stage for 13 years. During this time she released five successful albums. And on the singer's account there are more than a thousand concerts, most of which are performances with a solo program.

Compositions Fedishin occupy consistently high lines of charts. And 2 million Ukrainians put melodies of the singer instead of hooters on the mobile. Millions of YouTube video clips, permanent sellouts, successful tours in Europe, various awards ...

Irina Fedishin knowingly called the phenomenon of the Ukrainian music scene! Come to the concert to see this!