Adult Love Stories

4 November 2019, Mon. 19:00
Maria Zankovetska Theatre Lviv, Lesi Ukrainky St, 1
from 8.00 EUR
from 8.00 EUR
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About event

Why go to Adult Love Stories?

1. Unusual cast: professional theaters (Alexey Vertinsky, Lyudmila Smorodina, Anatoliy Hnatyuk) will be joined by TV journalist Janina Sokolova and Druha Rika frontman Valery Kharchyshyn.
2. The play is based on the play by Polish playwright Zbigniew Xiongik, so it is an interesting opportunity to find out how our European neighbors treat their lives intimately.
3. You will hear six candid conversations about relationships and sex that will make you blush, laugh to tears, and bewildered.

"Adult love stories" is something we are not used to saying aloud.

Vyacheslav Zhila (the director of the play) made a rather interesting step by putting in a romantic couple Sokolov and Kharchyshyn, who are close friends in life. How will they feel on stage? What emotions are breaking through theatrical images? The avid viewer will be interested to see.

Intense desires, temptations, eroticism on the edge - aren't you afraid to see our "Adult Love Stories"?
In the first minutes of the play, the voiceover promises to give the audience a "cure" and save them from the boredom of love. This is true, because it is clear from the examples of the characters how fine the line is between ordinary casual communication and hot flirting.
The play is adorned with live music that has a great deal of improvisation - depending on what is happening on stage, it becomes more intense, or vice versa, flirtatious.
Another iconic pair of the play - Alexey Vertinsky and Lyudmila Smorodinova. But this is a completely different love story.

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PS. Better leave your shyness at home