Ivan Dorn

2 November 2019, Sat. 22:00
Palladium Odesa, Italian Blvd, 4
from 13.33 EUR
from 13.33 EUR

About event

Ivan Dorn in Odesa! Don`t miss 2019-11-02 в 22:00 on the Palladium, Odesa.
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November 2 at Palladium Club - a complete break from Ivan Dorn!

In 2012, he forever changed our ideas about contemporary pop music and became a breath of fresh air for the whole of Eastern Europe. Dorn’s music is an explosive combination of house, hip-hop, pop, nu-disco, funk and free jazz, melts any dance floor. Each concert of Dornabanda is a unique live show filled with crazy charisma and improvisations of the unpredictable Ivan Dorn, who from the first days earned a reputation as a fearless experimenter and discoverer.

For many years Ivan Dorn conquers the public with his creative activity and enviable productivity. Concerts gather full halls at the largest Ukrainian venues and foreign stages. Each performance is a mega-saturated show with cool sound, high-quality music and modern lighting solutions.

Such an artist’s popularity is quite natural. After all, he gives the public everything for a complete breakaway: a great combination of trip hop, jazz funk, synth rock and other cool directions. And most importantly - he gives all his best at his concerts, if not 100, then all 200 percent! Well, and, of course, everyone just loves Vani Dorn's signature improvisation.

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