Stand-Up in UA. Ivan Usovich

13 February 2019, Wed. 19:00
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR

About event

Why should I go to Stand-Up in UA?

1. Resident of Big Stand Up from Comedy Club Production
2. Humor who does not know the limitations
3. You will be able to relax, laugh and enjoy pleasant memories

Extreme humor awaits you from the resident of the Great Stand Up from Comedy Club Production by Ivan Usovich! Invited guests - Sergey Lipko and Nastya Derskaya.

Of course, on the eve of the holiday of love, the main theme of the evening will be the relationship. The frank and daring jokes about what is an important part of our lives and what we can not do without humor. If you are tired of romantic days of lovers, chocolate, hearts, pink and balls, then come to the stendap-show about the real situations in the life of a man and woman. Vanya Usovich, Sergey Lipko and Nastya Derskaya talk with viewers and share the cool jokes that they accumulate every day.

Ivan Usovich's first performance took place in 2013, at the age of 20 in the Stand Up project in a new column for beginners - "Open microphone". The viewer appreciated Vanya's humor and his ability to joke fun, and very soon he became a permanent resident of Stand Up. In addition to a wonderful sense of humor, Vanya also has charisma, a special presentation of material and artistry, over which he constantly works.

Also, on the stage will be the cool Ukrainian stentap artists.

Sergey Lipko is a humor that is as close as possible to the viewer. Stendap, after which you will be looking at many domestic difficulties, and with a smile, well, at the concert, you will not have a single smile. And Sergey Lipko twice winner of the show "Laughing Comic".

In the relationship, as a rule, two are involved. Therefore, we can not listen to the beautiful half. Nastya Derskaya will tell you about her feminine point of view on men, with what it will be sharp, thin, and, as Nastya, "dirzko". She is also the winner of the "Laughing Comic" show and the Internatoinal Stand Up Comedy Week in KIEV.

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