8 December 2018, Sat. 19:00
Lviv Philharmonic Lviv, Tchaikovsky Street, 7
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR
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About event

Why go to the jazz jazz concert IVASYUK?

1. The energy of magic Bria Blessing in the songs of Ivasyuk.
2. The best jazz musicians from Lviv from the band Shockolad
3. New philosophy of the songs of the legendary composer

We invite you to IBAsUK in da jazz! December 8, Lviv Philharmonic - a new look at the music of the legendary Volodymyr Ivasyuk!

The creative tandem of Brian Blesing and Shockolad created a contemporary sound for Ivasyuk's songs, while carefully preserving the integrity and soul of texts and melodies. Musicians experimented with styles, acoustic and electronic sound. IVASYUK is an elegant and intelligent mix of pop music, R & B and jazz!

Blasing is a blessing. So, Briya Blesing - a Ukrainian singer of American origin is a true blessing for Ukrainian music. In her life the main place is God and the family. And the very relationship with them determine her music. The opening of the fourth season of "Voice of the Country", sincerity and genuine talent - this is our beloved Bria!

Saturated like chocolate, music is a ShockolaD band!

Interweave the energy of folk music from different continents, worlds, epochs: Ukrainian folk, American jazz, blues, modern electronics - all this is ShockolaD!

ShockolaD is a project based on the creative tandem of famous Ukrainian musicians - Igor Gnidin and Anastasia Litvinyuk. This is one of the most successful Ukrainian projects working in the genre of world music. The project's music originates from mixing of different styles, improvisations, uniqueness of ideas and motives based on the Ukrainian consciousness of musicians.

And soon - ShockolaD in the new incredible IWASYUK project in da jazz! Together with Briya they arrange a concert of Vladimir Ivasyuk in jazz for one evening! It will be incredible and tasteful! Reserve a place on the calendar for the evening of discoveries! December 8, Lviv Philharmonic!

Wait for the jazz in da jazz! The song will be between jazz!

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