From the origins of Flamenco

6 March 2019, Wed. 19:00
Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces Ukraine Kyiv, 30/1, Mykhaila Hrushevskoho St
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from 5.76 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the show "From the origins of Flamenco"?

1. A festive atmosphere that fascinates.
2. The beauty of dance will not leave anyone indifferent.
3. This is a wonderful gift for March 8.

Come to the dance performance "From the origins of flamenco" to remember this event for a long time!

In the spring you always want colorful events and fresh impressions. Believe me, the colorful show “From the origins of Flamenco” will completely disperse the gray despondency after winter! That only costly costumes artists: colorful fluttering skirts with lots of frills, fans, shawls... All this is woven into the rhythm of castanets, pops and tapas, filling the atmosphere around the holiday. You will feel the dance beckoning you, inviting you to join the artists.

The performance is a flamenco dance cycle. Incendiary performance of the famous stars of the province of Madrid and Murcia-Alicante is just fascinating! The show involved talented Spanish dancers and musicians: Fernando Velasco, Rocio Sempere Marin, Antonio Moreno, Norman Contreras, Miguel Fernandez.

But if you think that flamenco is just a beautiful dance, heels clipping, rhythmic or smooth movements with your hands and shoulders, then you are greatly mistaken. This is a certain philosophy, where actions and gestures carry a certain meaning and value.

Come to get the strongest charge of emotions! A continuous action will unfold on the stage in front of you, where all feelings are expressed through dance: love, hate, passion, longing, sadness, anxiety, joy, surprise... This event will remain for a long time in your memory! Waiting for you!